Cedarberg Aqua

One Man's Vision

Cedarberg Aqua is very much the brainchild of Lieben van der Merwe, one of the well-known Van der Merwe brothers from Citrusdal. Lieben’s brother, Gerrit owns ALG Estates, leading growers of citrus in SA.

Lieben was semi-retired when he ventured into the natural water business back in 2002 as a result of his own market and consumer research. He travelled throughout South Africa and observed buying patterns of consumers who stop at service stations along the country’s roads. Ironically, it was an experience in a road side farm stall near
Marienthal in Namibia wherehe finally made up his mind to develop the rich natural water resource of kleinswartvlei into a thriving business.

He noticed that the only product purchased by two very ordinarily dressed travellers, whom he regarded as representative of the biggest percentage of South African consumers, was bottled water.

“If ordinary people prefer natural products, we have a good chance to develop”, he decided.

The company has since become a significant employer in the rural community and has more than doubled its original work force. Cedarberg Aqua also participates in local and regional community investment initiatives.

Purified by Mother Nature

The water originates from pristine and untouched mountain peaks and slopes, from where it filters down through layers of Cape sandstone, one of the best natural water filters known to man. The purified water matures in underground caverns and eventually reaches the source with and ideal 4.1 ph-level and a balanced mineral content.

Cedarberg Aqua’s bottling plant is located on the farm and meets the highest specifications of customers worldwide.