Special Customer Ranges

Cedarberg Aqua supplies leading retailers with products specifically designed to their requirements and carrying their house brands, such as Fruit & Veg City, Woolworths, CTICC (Cape Town International Conference Centre) and Shoprite.
The company is constantly reacting to changing consumer patterns and developing products to meet the demand. An example is the easy-drinking Sportscap, developed for Woolworths, aimed at a growing health, outdoor activities and sport market.


500ml Still Sportscap, 750ml Still Sportscap and 1L Still.

Fruit & Veg - Food Lover's brand

500ml and 1L Sparkling + 500ml and 1L Still.

SA Rugby range

330ml + 500ml + 1L Still and Sparkling.

Official water sponsor for SARU.


Trade enquiries: Order direct from "The Foodstore"


Tel: (021) 552 1934

Fax: (021) 552 9569